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Therawear provides products to promote foot and leg health for men, women and children. There are a variety of compression products as well as accessories and health articles to benefit the consumer. The headquarters are located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Product categories are:

Within each category, consumers can select specific brands and colors, or search by condition.

Specific types of products include:

Therawear products have different compression levels:

Light compression is best suited for everyday wear and energizes tired legs and feet. Mild compression helps improve circulation and mild swelling. Moderate and firm compression is for moderate swelling or other conditions for doctors to evaluate. There are sizing charts to explain how to measure and size the products to fit and meet compression needs.

Therawear primarily ships within the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Puerto Rico. International orders require an email or a call to customer service.

Therawear: What makes it different?

Therawear is different than its online competitors for many reasons:

  • More than 50 years as a leading manufacturer of compression hosiery.
  • Provides a variety of shades for compression hosiery. Color has changed from 'Taupe' to "Bronze' and 'Cocoa' to better meet consumer's needs regarding products that match skin tone and match outfits.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. Provide full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving product. 
  • Ability to request catalog by mail, online or combination of the two forms. Few competitors provide this feature.
  • Therawear provides extra info, such as donning tips, detailed condition information and articles regarding leg and foot health. These are extras in addition to the product. Therawear provides a resource area, and is more than solely a website to buy foot products.
  • Consumers can purchase e-gift cards through Therawear. Not many foot care websites provide this gift feature.
Therawear vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Therawear)

Online foot care competitors are FootSmart, Amazing Socks and No Nonsense.

Pros for consumers who choose FootSmart rather than Therawear are:

  • FootSmart sells occupational shoes, while Therawear does not.
  • FootSmart provides consumers options for exercise, such as treadmills. Therawear does not sell exercise equipment.
  • FootSmart has a New Arrivals section; Therawear does not have this search filter.

Cons for consumers using FootSmart rather than Therawear are:

  • FootSmart does not sell kids products, while Therawear does produce items for kids.
  • FootSmart only ships to the US and Canada; Therawear ships internationally as well as North America.
  • Therawear currently has a better shipping promotion than FootSmart. Therawear offers free shipping for most orders over $50 USD; FootSmart gives free shipping for most orders over $75 USD.

For Amazing Socks, there are pros compared to Therawear:

  • Amazing Socks has a price match guarantee; Therawear does not price match their products.
  • Amazing Socks consumers can search by brand right from the homepage, while Therawear requires consumers click a product category first, which limits the search feature.
  • Amazing Socks carries athletic accessories that Therawear does not, such as water bottles.

Cons of Amazing Socks, compared to Therawear, are:

  • Amazing Socks does not carry sensitivity clothing, while these products are carried by Therawear.
  • Therawear consumers can search by price for products; Amazing Socks does not have this search feature.
  • Therawear sells foot and leg care products for kids; Amazing Socks does not sell kids items

For No Nonsense, there are pros compared to Therawear:

  • No Nonsense sells shoes while Therawear does not provide this product.
  • No Nonsense accepts PayPal in addition to credit cards; Therawear does not accept PayPal.
  • No Nonsense has the first pantyhose recycling program; there is no mention of recycling on Therawear.

Cons of shopping at No Nonsense rather than Therawear are:

  • No Nonsense only ships within the US; Therawear ships across North America and internationally too.
  • Therawear has a larger selection of socks than No Nonsense.
  • Therawear has compression socks and stockings, while No Nonsense does not address this condition.
Therawear: Pricing & packages

Examples of current prices for Therawear are:

Currently, prices for Therafirm brand products are 15% off regular price. Examples of the sales are:

Prices for Therawear items are in line with the quality and specificity of the items ordered. While some prices are higher than FootSmart and Amazing Socks, Therawear provides compression levels to suit individual needs and several different brands. There are many additional sale items within the categories on the website.

Therawear: Product images & screenshots
Therawear Coupons
Therawear: Customer reviews & comments

There are a few customer reviews online regarding Therawear. To summarize the feedback:

  • Brian explains how the Therawear socks help him deal with his skin allergies:

"I am allergic to dyes and I get rashes all over my skin if I am allergic to it... For anyone that does have dye allergies, I found some great socks online...  I can finally wear black socks with my dress shoes!  I got them at If you have dye allergies, you have to try this sock!"

-Brian, Health Central

  • Regarding Therawear's Therafirm Men's Mild Support Socks, one reviewer writes:

"Provide comfort and relief for tired legs and feet with Therafirm over-the-calf mild support socks. These ribbed socks are clinically designed to wrap the legs and feet in a mild amount of medically correct graduated support."

-(No name), Knees-N-Toes-Accessories

  • Jenny Reviews gives Therawear a positive review as well:

"Therawear travel socks provide comfort to your legs and feet while increasing the blood flow... If you are planning a long trip in the future you can let Therawear gradient compression travel socks accompany you for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip."

-(No name), Jenny Reviews

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